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Grave Before Shave Beard Oil 4 Pack

(10 customer reviews)

About this item Conditions Beard Contains all natural ingredients Conditions the skin under the Beard Leaves Beard Healthy and shiney 4 different styles



Product Description

Pine scent beard oil, Viking Blend beard oil , OG Blend beard oil, Bay rum blend beard oilPine scent beard oil, Viking Blend beard oil , OG Blend beard oil, Bay rum blend beard oil

pine beard oil, viking blend, OG blend, Bay rumpine beard oil, viking blend, OG blend, Bay rum

  • Leaves Beard Healthy and shiney
  • 4 different styles

1 oz. GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Beard Oil (original) 1 oz. GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Beard Oil (Pine Scent) 1 oz. GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Beard Oil (Viking Blend) 1 oz. GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Beard Oil (Bay Rum Scent)

  • Conditions Beard
  • Contains all natural ingredients
  • Conditions the skin under the Beard

Additional Information

Additional Information

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


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6.93 x 5.71 x 1.89 inches; 1 ounces

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Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Fisticuffs Mustache Wax

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#314 in Beard Conditioners & Oils

Customer Reviews:

1,126 ratings

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10 reviews for Grave Before Shave Beard Oil 4 Pack

  1. G. W.

    Edited to add, 12/26/15: Just thought that I’d update after some additional usage. My original assessments more or less remain the same. My main reason to add to my review is to note that as these bottles age (exposure to air, I suppose) the scents have had some subtle changes. Nothing earth shattering, but it’s something I’ve noticed.The bay rum is the clear stand-out scent in this pack, it smells wonderful and lasts all day long. It has less of that “patchouli” note that I first observed. The Viking blend is the one I reach for before I go to work, and don’t necessarily want a lingering scent. The pine dissipates quickly. I’ve come to terms w/ the OG scent, but have remained of the opinion that I will not be re-ordering that scent.Overall, I have just been so happy that I just now ordered the Gentleman scent and the Cigar scent. After trying those out for a bit, I am going to order one of the balms, as my beard is getting full enough now that I could use something with a bit more substance. These oils have kept my beard very soft and looking (and smelling) great.ORIGINAL REVIEW:I’ve worn a Van Dyke for 23+ years, and I grow out a full beard over the winter. I tend to keep it on the shorter side, as my hair is super coarse and thick, and if I let it grow too much, I start getting a little bit vagrant-looking. I was thinking that I was going to try the beard a little longer this year and I would try oils/balms/etc. to tame it down.I’ve never used any beard tonics/ oils/ ointments/ what-have-you, so this is a whole new world for me. Honestly, I picked this Grave Before Shave 4-pack for the price and the graphics amused me. What the hell, right?As a point of reference: I am a caucasian man, with very thick brown hair (though the greys are starting to win the war…). My beard hairs are very coarse, and tend to go a bit “wavy” if l let it grow long. Not curly, nor stick-straight.My impressions of these four bottles:The OG- Has an O.K. scent, though a bit lemon-Pledge smell to it. Probably my least favorite. Though I’ll use it all, I don’t see myself re-ordering this specific scent.___Pine- “Rugged” Manly scent, matches up with pine-tar soap nicely. Nice aroma, but not an everyday scent. I doubt I would re-order this one individually, but I wouldn’t steer away from a multi-pack that contains it.___Viking- This is an everyday scent. Very mild initially, then fades away to pleasant little herbal notes that I’ll catch a whiff of from time-to-time.___Bay Rum- It’s sort of a sophisticated patchouli-ish scent. Though it’s more earthy/manly than “dirty hippie” type of patchouli. The aroma is quite strong, and lasts for ages. This is easily my favorite scent among the four. My wife’s, too. (haha, so of course this is one that I accidentally knocked over and spilled half of the bottle… not a problem with the product, just poking fun at myself)I think all 4 conditioned my goatee the same, and provided the same sheen to the hairs. The only difference I noticed was scent.I have been happy enough with these that I will try other scents, and am particularly interested in the Gentleman’s Blend. Once the beard goes long enough, I look forward to the trying the balms as well.As an aside (and not a consideration in my review of the product), this came with stickers that matched the artwork on the bottles. It’s fun artwork, and an eye-catcher. Kind of a whimsical extra, which is a nice touch.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I bought these for my husband as a gift. He recently got out of the military and needed a grow a beard ASAP. He did not even know beard oil was a thing, because he is not the type to use grooming products. He loves these oils. The scents are very pleasing, and appealing. 😉 The droppers are perfect for applying just the right amount, and even though he travels with them, the cap stays on well, so there is no spillage. The bottles are good quality also. Fisticuffs is a good seller. I’ve bought from him through a different sight, and his items have always arrived early, packaged well, with great little extras, like stickers. The oils are reasonably priced. Only a couple of drops of oil are really needed, so the 1oz goes a long way. I like getting to put it on for him and give him a little face massage to go with it. The oil brings out the different hues in his beard, it looks shiny without being greasy, and it makes his beard softer, so it does not scratch my face as much. I would not mind buying more, but since the four bottles are going to last forever, I won’t need to.

  3. James T Marszalek

    At the time of writing this review, 6 other people gave this 4 pack 5/5 stars, there’s a reason for that. First off, the order arrived 3 days ahead of schedule, that is something that so rarely happens to me. Second, and possibly most important was the price point. I’m a pretty consistent buyer of BeardBrand products, which are all incredible but a little pricey sometimes. So when I discovered these guys, who offered 4 bottles for the price of one Beardbrand bottle of beard oil, it was a no brainer to try. I love the variety, and the scents are very diverse and unique.As far as the actual scents, all of them were good. The one that earned the 5 stars for this review was the Bay Rum. It’s a scent I haven’t seen in a beard oil, and it’s incredible. My favorite hands down. The other scents were very manly, as described in other reviews. The only thing I would have liked, and this is just my personal preference and opinion, but the other 3 scents could have been a little more potent, but they still smelled great.The other thing I really loved about this product was the artwork. It stands out from all other beard oils I’ve seen. I’m very proud to display these, and I have no doubt I’ll get lots of comments on them. Props to Grave Before Shave, and the art designers. Overall, I will be buying from this company again.

  4. Josh Falcone

    I was looking for a good beard oil and I decided on this pack based on the all the great reviews. I was not disappointed. First off, the delivery was very quick, I want to say it came at least 4-5 days earlier than the estimated delivery time, which is always a big plus. As for the oils, they all smell great. The Bay Rum is definitely the best out of the four, then the Viking and OG I’d put at a tie and the Pine comes in last but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Going forward, I might just purchase the Bay Rum oil because I really like the scent but I suggest this as a good starter to see which one you prefer. As for the oil on my beard, it has softened it up a lot and I put just enough on it to give it a slight shine after I brush it. On New Year’s Eve, I got a lot of compliments on my beard and I said the oil is what makes it. I like this product and I see myself purchasing more in the future. You won’t be disappointed with it and you get some cool stickers with the package.

  5. Mr. Bone-Crusher

    I had never used beard oil before, but decided to give it a shot. I’m glad I did. The Grave Before Shave Beard Oil 4 Pack is the best bargain on the market, hand’s down! Each bottle has it’s own distinct and terrific scent that will please you and put a smile on your face. Application is easy with the included dropper in each bottle. Just put a drop or two onto a beard brush or comb and brush it in. I use my fingers to finish rubbing it in to make sure it spreads evenly. My beard feels softer, doesn’t itch as much, and even has a nice subtle sheen to it. My wife has never been a huge fan of my beard, but now she says it looks and smells great. Last night she even started rubbing my beard because she likes how much softer it is. Anything that can please my lady and put a smile on my face at the same time is worth the money.The 4-pack was shipped very quickly, and each bottle was individually wrapped in bubble-wrap. They even came with some cool stickers. Go for it, gents!

  6. Airika Stone

    The bay rum smells sooo good, I can’t wait for my husband to wear these in his beard ◡̈

  7. Outdoorsman

    Pretty awesome beard oil. All four smell great and work well. The pine and self-labeled (black and white label) are probably the strongest of the four, while the Viking blend is the lightest. Pine is ok, but doesn’t have the best scent of the lot. Self-labeled is a sort of orange/citrus scent, which is pretty nice. Sort of like eating a big orange and smelling it in your beard after. However, instead of a sticky mess, your beard is nicely conditioned. Bay Rum is a classic scent. Smells good, like spiced rum, not hippie. Doesn’t make you smell like you’ve been pouring rum on your face all night either, so cops shouldn’t give you any trouble. They don’t make a whiskey scent. My favorite is probably the Viking blend. Subtle, so you don’t smell like a manly gigolo, but fragrant enough to make the ladies happy. At any rate, these oils are great if you’re wanting to keep face flakes and itchiness away and tame your beard (like a man tames a lion – it still requires raw meat and careful handling), yet not smell like a hippie in the process. Cheers and beers, y’all!

  8. Steven

    Beard oil that works but could use a bit more scent. Perfect for any one who generally feels over stimulated by most scents.

  9. thais0n

    I’ve been growing my beard for over a year now. I’ve tried my fair share of beard care products – oils, balms, salves, waxes – you name it, I’ve tried it. I was starting to get to the point where i thought other people just had softer, better beards than me based on reading their reviews. My beard grows well and its full – but it kinda has a mind of its own. Some days it looks awesome, sometimes it looks like i slept on it wrong – who knows what it will decide to do….I just thought this was my beard’s personality.But then i saw the GBS line…and i gotta say the thing that caught my eye was their awesome labels – they are just bad@ss!! I figured i would give it a try, so I picked up the 4 pack. Oh yea, I also struggled with the scents of other oils – either they would burn my nose hairs like I was walking through the fragrance section at Macy’s, or they claimed to smell like something and from the time I got it out of the bottle to putting it on my beard the scent vanished!GBS has got it all. The scents are killer. Everyone raved about the Bay Rum – and I was like “Hey i like the beach, but do i want my beard to smell like sweet, beachy rum??? Probably not.” Boy was i wrong. The scent is amazing, my wife loves it and it lasts all day without overpowering you. Every once and a while you get a quick whiff and you are like “Awww yea, my beard be smellin’ noice!”It also feels like these oils last longer in my beard. I feel that I am losing less hairs when i brush and it feels thicker. Best of all – my beard has been on point every day for the last 2 weeks since buying these oils. It just settles into place.I also tried their wax, balm and beard wash (bought it direct from their site) – its all killer. Just get it – these guys got the right formula.

  10. Ryan

    I got this pack because of the affordable price and so i could try out all of the scents to get an idea of what I want.I’ll rank them in order of my preference from least to my favorite.4 Original Blend: The Original scent: This isn’t particularly bad but it does seem to have a little bit of a strange subtle after oder to it that i don’t like, it may just be this batch or something I’m not sure.2 & 3 Pine & Viking Blends: So these two tie for 3rd place in my opinion.Pine: I like this one if i want to smell a little woodsy, i originally expected something that smelled more christmas like but its more like your walking through a pine forest.Viking: This one is nice and subtle with almost no scent other than a slight hint of mint or something, if your concerned about an overpowering or conflicting scents this is the one for you.1: My favorite one by far is the Bay Rum scent. It has a great masculine clean smell to it that lasts well without being overpowering. If i had to recommend only one of these it would be their Bay Rum one.

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