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Grave Before Shave Beard Oil - Aphrodisiac Blend (1 oz.)

(10 customer reviews)
  • Classic scent of Leather and Cedarwood, exuding a timeless masculine freshness
  • Convenient 1 ounce bottle featuring a pump-top dispenser for easy application
  • Formulated with all natural ingredients
  • Stimulates healthy beard growth
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin beneath your beard, preventing dandruff and flaking


1 oz bottle of GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Beard Oil equipped with a dropper top for easy dispensing. Packed with natural ingredients, this oil nourishes, hydrates, and fortifies your precious beard hairs, fostering robust growth. It's formulated to soothe the skin beneath your beard, staving off dandruff and flakiness, ensuring your beard feels as comfortable as it looks.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product Dimensions

1.5 x 1.5 x 4 inches; 3 ounces




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NOTE: Some reviews have been sourced from the Amazon product reviews section.

10 reviews for Grave Before Shave Beard Oil – Aphrodisiac Blend (1 oz.)

  1. David

    First off the application is easy, just a dime to nickel size drop in the palm of your hand and rub in. Goes on smooth, and after it dries, the smell is absolutely amazing and keeps everything soft and manage pretty much all day.I highly recommend this. I wish they had this sent in a cologne.

  2. Ryan

    I have been using grave before shave for years I also use there beard wash this oil is absolutely lovely it’s not to overbearing and in your face it is nice and subtle. You do not have to use a lot of it each time ether to reach your desired effect. It also leaves my beard feeling nice and soft after with just a hint of the scents.

  3. Cierra R.

    My man got this one because we were very curious if it actually works as an aphrodisiac. I would say it does 👀 the smell is nice and not too heavy, def makes a good year round beard oil; def better for a date night tho!!

  4. Kevin Gehret

    This is my second bottle of Beard Before Shave. The last time I purchased the Gentleman’s blend which is Bourbon and either Sandalwood or Cedar. The Aphrodisiac is a very different scent. Its the first beard oil I have tried that doesn’t have Cedar or Sandalwood as part of the scent. I am impressed. It is definitely a higher quality oil and dropper than what I got from Vikings Revolution. I think it is on par with the Ranger Products, which I also really enjoy. I was planning on trying out some stuff from Live Bearded, but saw this would save me a few bucks, so I thought why not give it a shot. Eventually I’ll try out some stuff from Live Bearded, but I plan on sticking with this for the foreseeable future, and hope to try some more scents because both of the ones I’ve tried so far have been fantastic.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Love the softness and smell. More important the wife does too

  6. J. L. Sturgeon

    This is the first time I have used this product and it is a good beard oil. Hydrates my beard and face. I was a tad bit let down. Maybe it’s just me but this oil had no smell to it? It could be me, otherwise it does what it is supposed to do.

  7. Alex

    To start, I do not generally like men’s fragrances. I am asthmatic and really heavy and intense smells tend to give me full blown asthma attacks and basically that is how most men’s fragrances are (at least to me they are anyway). of course I still want my husband smell good too and for his mountain man beard to always be at it’s best so I’m always on the hunt for that perfect smell that makes him smell delicious but doesn’t put me in the emergency room. I came across this stuff in the mall and I fell absolutely in love with it. Aaaand of course the only think on their cart I wanted and it was completely sold out. Needless to say I was ecstatic when I found it here on Amazon and not only that but I also found that they had a beard butter and the Aphrodisiac Blend Beard Balm in the same scent too! I bought the whole set and don’t regret it for a second. Now I get to regularly enjoy my husband’s scent and Not pay for it with my life. And a plus, borrowing his sweaters after he has warn them has become a whole new ballgame. This stuff is yum delish and I highly recommend.

  8. Okii-85

    I use the balm as well. The oil is my daily in the morning after a shower.

  9. Jason G Teitelbaum

    Seriously my girl absolutely loves the scent, heck even if it was mediocre I’d buy it just for the reaction I get 😅 but in all seriousness it does wonders for the old chin mane

  10. Keith GG

    So I’ve experimented for a few years trying different products, mainly scents. Unless it is a low quality oil, they are all pretty similar.BUT THIS STUFF! Wow what a scent. I’ve truly never been a big enough fan to buy a scent more than once. This stuff hits the nail square on the head.Wake up and slather this stuff in and smell like a man should. Deep scents that will last for 10+ hours. Screw bringing women to their knees, this stuff brought me down and I wept like a little kid. I finally found something that works, and smells exactly as I thought I should. Like a god sent from the heavens. Dropping panties from a block away, and making the ladies melt like butter in a volcano once they see the luscious man-mane that is producing the scent that their wet-dreams are made of.I promise you, 15 minutes after you walk out of your home, you’ll have a Forrest Gump running across American size horde, of titillating women, drawn to your velvety soft whiskers. Aphrodisiac shouldn’t even be allowed to put on the bottle, it should just be named illegal in all 50 states, and 10 countries you’ve never heard of. However I guess Aphrodisiac fits better on the label.Regardless, if you are hovering over the “add to cart” button contemplating if it is for you, then the answer is NO! Only a true alpha deserving of this true gem would have already clicked the “buy now” button.

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